‘I fell in love with the Prince of Daejeon’ Sanchez can’t leave Moon’s side: ‘I can’t leave you, Dongju’

‘I can’t leave you, Dongju’ Sanchez, a foreign pitcher who appeared out of nowhere just before the game started, stuck to Dongju Moon like a magnet.

The ‘Daejeon Prince’ Moon Dong-ju’s popularity in the team is as high as his 160-kilometer fastball. Sanchez, a foreign pitcher who made his KBO debut as a substitute on Nov. 11, was already enamored with Moon Dong-ju.

In front of the Hanwha Eagles’ dugout before a three-game series against the Lotte Giants at their home stadium, Daejeon Eagles Park, last week. While waiting for the public address announcer to introduce the lineup, the Hanwha players joked around and showed off their unique chemistry.

Sanchez, who was announced as the starting pitcher for the next day, walked through the dugout and stopped when he was spotted by Moon Dong-ju. When Moon pointed out that Sanchez was wearing only a top and a black training outfit, Sanchez tried to pass it off as a friendly gesture. However, Moon and Lee Jin-young checked Sanchez’s underwear and thoroughly trained the newcomer.The foreign player, who had joined the team less than a month earlier, might have been offended, but it turned out that Sanchez was already best friends with Hanwha’s Moon. Sanchez’s affinity for the Venezuelan crossed the border, and the age difference between him and Moon, who is six years younger, didn’t matter.

After a few pranks, Sanchez wagged his finger at the “Daejeon Prince” and taunted him, before putting both hands on his brother’s shoulders and smiling like a child as he threw a 160-kilometer fastball.

Despite their different languages, their body language and affection for each other was unmistakable.

Four innings of two-hit, one-run baseball in his first appearance in Korea. After his steady performance, Sanchez said in a postgame interview, “I felt like it was a very competitive league. I was focused on each pitch. I have confidence in all my pitches. I was disappointed that I didn’t finish the fifth inning, but I understand the pitch count limit. I don’t like to be competitive, which is an advantage.” He ended the interview by saying “thank you” in Korean.안전놀이터

In his second start against Lotte on Sunday, Sanchez threw five innings of one-run ball with a fastball that topped out at 151 kilometers and a sharp slider. While he failed to pick up his first win, he was impressive with his fastball, which felt like it was going straight for the mitt when he received it from the catcher.

Moon Dong-ju, who has the enviable shoulders of Sanchez, took the mound for LG Electronics on the 19th and topped out at 160kmph on his fastball. He also surprised everyone with his slider and changeup, which touched 150 kilometers. It was disappointing that he didn’t complete the fifth inning, but Moon is getting better with each game.

After a disappointing 1-1 draw and two losses in Jamsil, Hanwha will look to bounce back at home against KIA on the 23rd. Foreign pitcher Sanchez, who has pitched solidly in the previous two games, will take the mound to face KIA ace Anderson.

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