Ikbairi and Jung Yunju advance to the V-League All-Star Serve King & Queen finals

Ahmed Iqbairi (Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance, registered name Ikbairi) and Jung Yun-ju (Heungkuk Life Insurance) took first place in the professional volleyball Dodram 2022-2023 V-League All-Star Serve King & Queen Contest preliminary.

The two will challenge to win the All-Star Serve King & Queen Contest finals held at Samsan World Gymnasium in Incheon on the 29th.

The Korean Volleyball Federation (KOVO) held a ‘Free All-Star Game’ event at the same place on the 28th, the day before the All-Star Game.

The most eye-catching thing on the day was the preliminaries for the Serve King & Queen Contest.

In the serve king qualifiers with 7 players, Ikbairi, Leonardo Leiva Martinez (OK Financial Group, registered name Leo), and Kim Ji-han (Woori Card) secured the right to advance to the finals by finishing in 3rd place.

Ikbairi put in a strong serve at 118 km/h and rose to first place in the preliminary round. 메이저사이트

Leo, the top scorer in the first half of the regular league, finished second at 117 km/h, and Kim Ji-han was the only native male player to advance to the finals with 109 km.

In the sub-queen preliminaries, Jung Yun-joo and Elisabeth Ine Barga (KGC Ginseng Corporation, registered name Elisabeth) recorded 81 km per hour side by side.

Jeong Yun-ju, who recorded 81 km/h in the first period, took first place in the preliminary round, and Elisabeth, who served at 81 km/h in the second period, earned the right to advance to the finals in second place.

In the 2021-2022 All-Star Game Sub Queen Contest, Jung Yun-ju, who finished second behind Lee So-young (KGC Ginseng Corporation), challenges the sub-queen again after a year.

Kang So-hui (GS Caltex) took third place with a speed of 80 km/h.

The players selected for the All-Stars warmed up with a mini-game that day.

This match will be held on the 29th.

KOVO set ‘new and old confrontation’ as the theme for this All-Star Game.

In the men’s division, players born before 1995 were divided into M-stars and those born after that as Z-stars.

Starting from 1996, the women’s division was organized as M Star before and after Z Star.

Men’s M-star team’s ‘bomber’ Leo and ‘spider hand’ Shin Young-seok (KEPCO) will face off against Z-star team born in 1999, Lim Dong-hyuk (Korean Air) and Lim Seong-jin (KEPCO).

In the women’s division, Kim Yeon-kyung (Heungkuk Life Insurance), Park Jeong-ah (Korea Expressway Corporation), Yang Hyo-jin (Hyundai E&C), and Kim Hee-jin (IBK Industrial Bank of Korea), the protagonists of the Tokyo Olympics quarterfinals, reunited as M-Stars, Kang So-Hui and Z-Star’s Kang So-Hwi and Lee Da-Hyun (Hyundai E&C). ), and competes with Lee Joo-ah (Heungkuk Life Insurance).

The All-Star Game is played in 4 sets of 15 points per set, with the 1st and 2nd sets being played for the women’s division and the 3rd and 4th sets for the men’s division. Unlike last year, mixed sets in which men and women run together will not be held.

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