Incapie, whom Tottenham was aiming for, renews contract with Leverkusen for 1 year

Tottenham Hotspur’s Piero Incapie has signed a new contract with Leverkusen.

Leverkusen announced on the club website on the 12th (Korean time), “We have extended the contract with Ecuadorian national team Incapie. The original contract period has been extended from June 2026 to June 2027.”

Director Simon Rolfes said, “The reason I recruited INCAPIE a year ago was an investment for the future. FIFA) Qatar World Cup experience has improved competitiveness. Incapie has become a pillar of the team and will continue to be with him.”

Incapie is a young centre-back born in 2002 and is left-footed. He made a name for himself when he came to Leverkusen in 2021. He was praised for being able to play as both left back and center back, and possessing both build-up and physical abilities. He is young but has a lot of experience. He also solidified his position as a starter in Leverkusen and played an active role as a key defender in the Ecuadorian national team. He is also good at kicks utilizing his left foot. He can help on the build-up side as well. 슬롯사이트

Although his overly gritty parts need improvement, he is an incapable incapable of powering both now and in the future, with an immediate sense of power and great value as a future resource. Several English Premier League (EPL) clubs, including Newcastle United, were aiming for Incapie. Tottenham was one of them. Tottenham, who needed a left-footed center back, took notice of Incapie. There was a lot of talk about aiming for Incapie in the upcoming summer transfer market.

It looked like he was thinking of replacing Ben Davis, who was somewhat disappointing. He has Clément L’Englet, but he’s on loan and hasn’t made much of an impression, so it was judged that he plans to send him back to Barcelona. Incopy can be used without difficulty even with 3 bags. Even if he comes to Tottenham, he seems to quickly adapt to manager Antonio Conte’s tactics. He was an attractive enough resource for Tottenham.

However, he extended his contract with Leverkusen, making signing more difficult. Leverkusen could be in a good position in negotiations. The price is very likely to rise further.

On the other hand, Incapie said, “I was able to grow while playing for Leverkusen, and I have established myself well in the Ecuadorian national team. I want to achieve results in the future. Winning a trophy with Leverkusen is my goal and motivation.”

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