Kim Min-sun World Cup 5th consecutive gold medal… 1 win left for ‘All Season King’

Kim Min-seon, the new ice speed queen, won the 500m World Cup for the fifth time in a row. Only 1 win left until the first season ever. 온라인카지노

This is reporter Jeon Young-min.


Even on the ice rink in Poland, where the ice quality is not good, Kim Min-sun was overwhelming.

He overcame his weakness at the start and passed the first 100m to 2nd place overall.

Kim Min-sun, who gradually widened the gap with second place on the last straight track, crossed the finish line in 37 seconds and 90 seconds.

He was the only athlete to reach the top with a record of 37 seconds, and swept all 5 World Cup 500m events this season.

[Kim Min-seon/Speed ​​Skating National Team: I am proud to be able to win consecutively while winning the gold medal in the 5th World Cup. I will do my best to manage my condition well for the rest of the season so that I can show you a good figure.]

Kim Min-sun will challenge a new history next week as the ‘single-season World Cup 500m all gold medalist’, which even Lee Sang-hwa did not record in the last World Cup.

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