Korea-Japan war? Japan “March A match opponent Korea is also a candidate”

Can the Korea-Japan match be concluded as Korea’s first A-match after the World Cup?

The Korean national soccer team is ahead of its first A match after the 2022 World Cup in Qatar in March. Before that, it is a game in which the appointment of the manager is finalized and Post Bentuho takes the first step.

First of all, the appointment of a coach comes first, but Japan, which has decided to retain Hajime Moriyasu, is concentrating on finding an opponent for the evaluation match. Korea is also one of those candidates.

Yasuharu Sorimachi, technical director of the Japan Football Association (JFA), received a question about the opponent for the A match in March at a press conference held online on the 2nd. “It has not been decided yet,” said Sorimachi Technical Committee Chairman. We are looking for a strong team.” 바카라사이트

Asian teams’ opponents during the evaluation matches during the A-match tend to be set in the same Asia, or South America, North and Central America. This is because there are many matches between European teams in Europe, such as the Nations League and Euro qualifiers, so it is not easy for them to play against Asian teams. In response, Technical Committee Chairman Sorimashi acknowledged that it would be difficult to play against European teams by saying, “It will probably happen.”

Korea is also among the candidates. There was a report that Vahid Halilhodzic, who laid down the Japanese baton ahead of the 2018 Russia World Cup, was nominated for a Korean coach. It is a strong team that advanced to the round of 16. It is worth thinking about,” he said, adding that Korea was also nominated for the evaluation.

If the Korea-Japan war between Korea and Japan is concluded, there is a possibility that it will be held as an expedition to Japan. This is because Japan has planned to hold two A-matches in Tokyo and Osaka this March.

The latest match between Korea and Japan was an away game in Japan in March 2021. At that time, Korea failed to summon key players and lost 0-3. It was a game in which a fundamental controversy arose before the game, ‘Why should I play this game?’, and when the result was completely defeated, coach Paulo Bento even issued an apology. If the match against Japan is concluded in the A-match this March, we will have a chance to wash away the shame of the past.

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