KT Kim Ji-yong trainer who saved a fallen citizen… “I just thought I had to do CPR.”

Futures trainer Kim Ji-yong of KT Wiz saved a life with CPR.

On the 23rd, the KT 2nd Army played against the Doosan Bears at Doosan Bears Park in Icheon. After the game, the players returned to their lodgings in Suwon and were packing up their belongings on the bus. The two players who came out first found a person who had collapsed in front of the restaurant opposite, and immediately went to trainer Kim Ji-yong.

Trainer Kim Ji-yong was also surprised by the emergency, but immediately rushed to the patient with the thought that he had to save his life. After securing an airway, he asked the patient’s friend who was next to him to call 911.메이저사이트

Trainer Kim Ji-yong started CPR immediately. Fortunately, the patient’s breathing returned to normal. He continued to caress the patient and make him aware of the situation. After that, he stayed with the patient until the ambulance arrived.

Trainer Kim Ji-yong said, “I was really surprised to face such a situation myself. Even in the midst of my surprise, I just thought I had to do CPR. Rather, I saw that it was reported in the media, and I was embarrassed.” said.

Next, trainer Kim Ji-yong said, “Every year, with the support of the club, the trainers receive CPR training in June. The training was really helpful,” he said. “I am grateful to the club for generously supporting me to receive training.”

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