‘Major contract with Chelsea’ Mudriq, goodbye to his team… “I will miss you”

Mihailo Mudrik (22) said goodbye to his ‘home team’ Shakhtar.

On the 17th (hereafter Korean time), Moudrik attached a 4-minute video of his growth from his youth days to his personal SNS, saying, “I was lucky to play with players like you and meet you. Also, to the whole team, Thank you. I will miss you.”

Mudrik is a Ukrainian winger who spent his youth days at Shakhtar. And he showed steady growth, and from the 2021-22 season he took the starting position. He was a ‘super prospect’ that raised expectations. Possessing his fast pace, Mudriq was good at breaking through the dribble with both feet. Also, his shooting and passing skills were top notch.

At the same time, he was responsible for the team’s offensive point. He produced 2 goals and 9 assists in 19 games in the 2021-22 season (season ended early), and 10 goals and 8 assists in 18 games this season. In particular, he captured the hearts of scouts by scoring 3 goals and 2 assists in the UEFA Champions League (UCL). 바카라사이트

Initially, Arsenal was likely, but the final destination was Chelsea. Chelsea succeeded in hijacking by paying 100 million euros (approximately 134 billion won) including add-ons. Personal conditions were also quite satisfactory. Chelsea have promised an eight-and-a-half-year mega-contract that will last until June 2031.

And on the 15th, the long transfer saga ended when Chelsea announced the signing of Mudrik.

Mudrik said goodbye on the 17th after finishing the transfer, which was urgent. The four-minute video captures Mudriq’s play from his youth to his adulthood.

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