PSG’s Neymar with a broken ankle is out on a stretcher… fear of serious injury

Reporter Hyungju Lee = Neymar da Silva (30) was injured again due to a rough tackle. 

Paris Saint-Germain FC won 4-3 in a match against Lille OSC in the 24th round of the French Ligue 2022/23 held at the Parc des Princes in Paris, Ile de France Region, France on the 19th (Korean time).   바카라

Neymar, who started this day, showed great performance by receiving a pass from Vitinya (23) and scoring in the 16th minute of the first half. However, the second half hit bad news. 

Neymar’s center of gravity became unstable as he was kicked by opposing midfielder Benjamin Andre (32) in the second minute of the second half. As a result, he landed incorrectly and suffered a twisted ankle injury. Neymar was eventually carried out on a stretcher, and there are concerns about serious injuries. 

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