‘Real Wealth’ Qatar Private Equity Fund is on the verge of an offer to buy Manchester United

 Reporter Lee Hyeong-joo = It is known that the sale of Manchester United is slowly progressing. 

The British media ‘BBC’ reported on the 13th, “It is a Qatari private equity fund that wants to buy Man U. Qatar is on the verge of making an offer to buy Man U.” Multiple media outlets such as Bloomberg, an American business magazine, reported the same. 

Currently, Manchester United generate huge profits commercially. However, the proceeds are being used to pay off the Glazer family’s debt that it owed at the time of the acquisition. If the Qatari side, which is evaluated as having astronomical money, comes in, Manchester United will be free of these restrictions. You can create your dream squad by recruiting world-class players with astronomical money. 먹튀검증

In addition, the Qatar side aims to make active investments by supporting Eric ten Hag after the acquisition of Man Utd. In addition, it is reported that not only the redevelopment of Old Trafford, the home of Man Utd, but also attention will be paid to the vast land and facilities around the stadium owned by the club. 

However, the Qatari side originally tried to acquire Manchester United through Qatar Sports Investments, which the King was involved in and which owns Paris Saint-Germain FC. However, it is judged that it is going through a private equity fund because it can be problematic to own two clubs in the European Football Federation (UEFA) at the same time. 

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