‘Reunion with teacher Nam Ki-il’ Yeon Je-woon, “The reason why it was not difficult to decide to go to Jeju”

Reporter Han Jae-hyeon = Central defender Yeon Je-woon, who has been with the magpie corps Seongnam FC for a long time, starts a new challenge at Jeju United (hereafter referred to as Jeju).

Yeon Je-woon confirmed a three-year contract until 2025 with a transfer to Jeju on December 22, 2022. Since his debut in Seongnam in 2016, he chose his first transfer in 7 years, excluding military service at Gimcheon Sangmu.

He has been active for a long time as the core of Seongnam’s defense. I have a close relationship with director Ki-il Nam. Yeon Je-woon helped Seongnam to promote to the K-League 1 with the help of coach Nam Ki-il, and made a big contribution to the confirmation of K-League 1 retention in 2019. He earned the trust of manager Nam Ki-il by showing off his fast speed, interpersonal defense, and excellent defense line coordination.

When director Nam Ki-il moved to Jeju in 2020, the relationship with the priest was temporarily cut off, but after three years, he was called by his teacher and came to Jeju.

Yeon Je-woon said in an interview at Incheon Airport before departing for Thai field training on the afternoon of the 5th, “Director Nam Ki-il called me just before the decision to transfer to Jeju and said to do well. He was well aware of the director’s tendencies, so there was no hesitation in the transfer decision 토토사이트. As he has been with the director for a long time, he is confident that his style suits him,” he admitted, saying that his mentor’s presence was crucial.

He said of his first transfer, “It was half nervous and half thrilled. I get excited when I think of coming to a good team and playing with good players. I have a lot of expectations,” he said.

On the other hand, I couldn’t completely abandon Seongnam, the team that made Yeon Je-woon. He said, “To me, Seongnam, my former team, was more affectionate than other players. He did not hide his regret, saying, “It was regrettable that the team left in a bad state.”

The first transfer led to a new experience. I also took part in the official shooting of the dream tree with the soccer team of an elementary school in the region, which Jeju is promoting this season. Yeon Je-woon gave gifts of hope and memories to Jeju Seocho soccer club students and team training as well as signing events.

He said, “It was the first time I experienced an official. It was my first experience of exercising with elementary school players, so I was nervous. The children followed me well, so I filmed in a good mood,” he laughed.

Unlike Seongnam, Jeju has a big goal of advancing to at least the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Champions League. Yeon Je-woon also had a strong will to enter the Asian stage, which he had never experienced before. He said, “Seongnam is also a good team, but Jeju is a team that is looking at a higher place.” It won’t change much after I come, but this year’s team will start with the goal of going to the Asian stage, so I’ll try hard and take responsibility so that I can achieve it after the season. I will devote myself to the team.”

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