Still, he’s a ‘captain’, but his savage fans… Lloris Tears in ‘8 Weeks Out’

For Tottenham, it is like a thunderbolt.

‘Captain’ and ‘Number 1’ gatekeeper Hugo Lloris (36) collapsed. Britain’s ‘BBC’ reported on the 8th (hereinafter Korean time) that ‘Lloris will miss at least 6 weeks and at most 8 weeks due to a knee injury’.

Lloris played full-time against Manchester City, which he won 1-0 on the 6th. But there was an injury in the second half. A closer examination revealed that his knee ligaments were damaged.

There is no choice. Son Heung-min’s best friend, Fraser Foster, who is the ‘backup’, must guard the goal. but it’s dangerous Foster, who moved to Tottenham last summer, only started one game in the English Premier League (EPL). 스포츠토토

Tottenham has to play not only the EPL, but also the European Champions League Round of 16 1st and 2nd legs against AC Milan, and the FA Cup Round of 16. It’s unclear whether Foster will be able to fully fill Lloris’ void.

Moreover, Lloris has plenty of trust from manager Antonio Conte as the leader of the dressing room along with Harry Kane. Having nested in Tottenham in 2012, he has been occupying Tottenham’s home for 11 years.

However, ironically, some fans are welcoming Lloris’ ‘out’. On social media, posts such as ‘This is good news for Tottenham’, ‘Hope of advancing to the Champions League next season’, ‘It may be what we need’, and ‘This bonus confirms the Big 4’ are coming up. Britain’s ‘The Sun’ said it was a brutal reaction from fans.

There is a reason. Following Newcastle and Aston Villa, Lloris made a fatal mistake against North London rival Arsenal on the 16th of last month, earning fans’ complaints. He started in 21 EPL games this season, and ‘clear’ only 7 games. Lloris retired from the French national team at the end of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar and decided to focus on Tottenham

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