The claim is ‘Drunk driving’ → Rookie is ‘talking behind’ Hanwha, who has no cheating days, fans are disappointed

This winter for Hanwha fans is painful. This is because off-season playersㅣ are bursting with controversies.

Ha Joo-seok (29), who was the captain of Hanwha last year, was caught driving under the influence in November. Next, rookie Kim Seo-hyun (19) criticized the fans and coaching staff through social media. Following the captain, even the rookie has no good days.

Last year, on November 20, when finishing training was in progress, Joo-Seok Ha was caught driving under the influence of alcohol and his driver’s license was suspended. 메이저사이트

Despite the helmet throwing incident during the season, manager Carlos Subero trusted Ha Joo-seok once again.

However, he was disappointed again in the process of preparing for the new season. Moreover, in the position of claim.

Ha Joo-seok was eventually suspended for 70 games and resigned from the captaincy. The oldest Jung Woo-ram became the new captain.

Before the wounds of Hanwha fans had even healed, a newcomer had an accident this time. Although it was a private account, he posted a post criticizing the coach and fans on his SNS, and it surfaced as it spread through the online community.

As a result of the Hanwha club’s self-confirmation, the writing written by Kim Seo-hyun was correct. Through an internal meeting, Seohyun Kim was suspended from training for three days. fines were also imposed.

Seohyun Kim is a ‘super rookie’. Kim Seo-hyun received a lot of attention from KBO League and Major League scouts, such as recording a fastball of 155 km/h in high school and a maximum of 101 miles (about 163 km) in the U-18 Baseball World Cup. Hanwha, who held the first overall pick in the 2023 rookie draft, chose Kim Seo-hyun without much hesitation, and showed high expectations by holding a down payment of 500 million won.

But even before his debut, he had an accident even in spring camp.

From Joo-seok Ha, who he believed in, to Seo-hyun Kim, everyone was disappointed. Hanwha fans are experiencing a series of disappointments even in the off-season.

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