‘The goal is promotion’ Seongnam coach Lee Ki-hyung “I promise to not give up”

 Seongnam FC coach Lee Ki-hyung (49) threw a vote saying that he would not give up until the end with the goal of promotion.

Seongnam FC held a ceremony for the 2023 season at Onnuri Hall on the 1st floor of Seongnam City Hall in Gyeonggi-do on the afternoon of the 18th. The event, held four years after Corona 19, was attended by around 500 fans, owner Shin Sang-shin of Seongnam City, coach Lee Ki-hyeong, all players, some youth players, and Seongnam National Assembly members.

After Mayor Shin’s encouraging speech promising promotion, the flag presentation ceremony was held. Coach Lee Ki-hyung and captain Shim Dong-woon received the flag from Mayor Shin and swung it vigorously.

A new slogan for the 2023 season was also released. The main slogan is ‘SPEAD YOUR WINGS’, which means spread your wings in every way. The subtitle was decided through a fan contest as ‘Endless Challenge for Change Together’.

Coach Lee Ki-hyeong, who leads Seongnam from this season, also held the microphone. He said, “It is a great honor to meet the fans as the coach of Seongnam FC.” There were situations, but with the generous support and support of owner Shin Sang-jin and fans, the team is building well.” 토토사이트

Coach Lee continued, “This year’s goal is promotion. Last year, when we were relegated, the range of player changes was great. It will take time to build, but we are emphasizing spirit and stamina to our players. I am confident that that will appear on the pitch.” said forcefully.

Above all, coach Lee emphasized the fighting spirit of not giving up until the end. He added, “Of course, fans want to win the most, but I think they also want to see their best on the pitch no matter what the outcome. I shared this with the players as well.”

Finally, Coach Lee said, “First of all, I will do my best to win. And even if there is no good result, I will show you that I will do my best until the end without giving up. If the fans come to the stadium and cheer, I will win I promise to show you my best until the end.”

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