When will the debut be… Ronaldo’s first ‘intuition’ in Al-Nasr’s game from the VIP seat

Cristiano Ronaldo watched the match of his ‘team’ Al Nasr for the first time.

Ronaldo, who has been evaluated as the best player of the 21st century, has recently become the protagonist of a surprise transfer. He ended his life in Europe and headed for Asia. On the 31st of last month (hereafter Korean time), Al-Nasr posted a photo of Ronaldo holding a shirt with the number 7 on his official social media account and said, “History has been made. This is not only our club, but the entire league, and furthermore, a national success. Ronaldo, “Welcome to my new home, Al Nasr.”

The initiation ceremony was also held with great grandeur. He appeared in an al-Nasr uniform with a large crowd in attendance. Later, through an official press conference, he expressed his expectations for his life in Al Nasr. 안전놀이터

He officially joined the team, but was unable to play. This is because Ronaldo was punished for striking the hand of an Everton boy fan in a match against Everton in April of last year when he was playing for Manchester United. The England Football Association (FA) fined him 50,000 pounds (about 76.19 million won) and suspended him for two games. According to FIFA’s regulations, this punishment continued even after his transfer, and eventually Ronaldo’s debut match was postponed.

I didn’t get to play, but I did watch my team play. According to the British media ‘Mirror’, it was confirmed that Ronaldo watched the match between Al Nasr and Al Tai from the VIP seats. Wearing Al Nasr’s training jersey, he watched his team’s game without any change in expression. Without Ronaldo, Al Nasr won 2-0 thanks to Anderson Talisca’s goal.

Ronaldo’s punishment was soon lifted, but the possibility that he would not be able to play even after that was raised. He is because of the foreign quota. British media ‘Daily Mail’ said, “Al Nasr’s number of foreigners exceeds the quota. As a result, Ronaldo cannot be registered on the player list, so the timing of his appearance is still unclear.”

For Ronaldo to play, one foreign player has to leave. Al Nasr currently has Vincent Abubaka, David Ospina and Luis Gustavo. Among them, the most likely player to break away is known as Zalloliddin Masharifov, a national of Uzbekistan.

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