‘World Cup controversial referee’ Laos considers ‘retirement’ due to continuous criticism

Referee Antonio Laos, who made a controversial decision at the World Cup, is considering retirement after suffering from a lot of criticism.

According to Gaston Edul of Argentinian media ‘TyC Sports’, Laos is considering his retirement and will make an official announcement soon. 스포츠토토

He is a seasoned veteran referee. He started his career in 1999 and has been a Spanish La Liga referee since 2008. Since 2011, he has been a member of the International Football Federation (FIFA) and appears frequently in international competitions. His basic judging tendencies are forgiving, but he is notorious for football fans. This is because he is seen throwing cards wildly in unexpected situations.

This tendency was most evident in the quarterfinal match between Argentina and the Netherlands at the last World Cup in Qatar. Laos, who was in charge of the referee at the time, remained on the sidelines despite the overheating of the game, and eventually a collision occurred between the players. Laos, who took out the card without hesitation even to the bench, made an absurd decision, such as taking out 18 yellow cards and 1 red card in the game at the time.

The aftermath of ‘of course’ was great. After the game, fans of both countries criticized Laos on social media, and even Lionel Messi made comments about the referee at a press conference. “You shouldn’t have a referee like that in an important match. He’s not up to par,” he said. In the end, Laos was excluded from the World Cup referee assignment after this match.

However, on the 31st of last month (Korean time), the card was once again rampant in the Spanish La Liga game and became the target of criticism. The match between Barcelona and Espanyol. Laos also took out 15 yellow cards and 2 red cards in this match, and the progress was not smooth.

Even La Liga fans criticized Laos, and Spain even considered not assigning Laos at the league level. In the end, after facing numerous criticisms, Laos has considered retiring and is expected to make an official announcement at the end of the season.

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