Yangpyeong-gun Office ‘newbie’ Kim Myung-jin, first win on the business stage

Kim Myeong-jin of Yangpyeong-gun Office won the first gold medal in the 66kg category at the 2023 Yanggu National Unemployment Judo Championships.

Under the guidance of coach Seong-Hoon Chae and Coach Joo-Young Kim, Myeong-Jin Kim, a ‘newcomer to unemployment’, first took half of his retail job from Jae-Min Shim (Yeosu City Hall) in the men’s 66kg final on the first day held at the Yanggu Cultural Gymnasium in Gangwon-do on the 12th, then lay down on his arms and beat him. He won the round and won the gold medal.

Previously, Kim Myeong-jin won the first and second rounds by abstaining from Kim Yong-hwan (Busan City Hall) and Hong Moon-ho (Yongin City Hall), and in the semi-finals, defeated Chae Jun-hee of Pohang City Hall with a shoulder kick followed by a half-shoulder kick to advance to the final.카지노사이트

Kim Myung-jin said, “It’s my first win after joining Yangpyeong-gun Office, so I’m very happy, and I give glory to coach Seong-Hoon Chae and coach Joo-Young Kim, who were my mentors in middle school. He also said, “I am grateful for the support of military officials and citizens, including Jun Jin-seon, who created good training conditions.”

Meanwhile, in the men’s 60kg final, Cho Hwan-kyun (Yongin City Hall) lost to Kim Jae-hyeon (Jeju Provincial Office) in a shoulder throw and finished runner-up, while the women’s 63kg class Lee Ji-hyeon (Ansan City Hall) won the quarterfinals by strangling Jeon Ye-ji (Gochang-gun Office). However, in the finals, she lost to Cha Min-ji (Jeju Provincial Office) in a knockout match and took second place.

In addition, Lee Hye-in in the women’s 48kg class and Jang Yun-jin in the 52kg class (Above Ansan City Hall) lost to Jang Ga-eun (Gyeongnam Provincial Office) and Heo Mi-oh (Gyeongbuk Sports Association) in the quarter finals and tied for third place.

Article provided by Gyeonggi Ilbo

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